Tongue Spasm

While many believe tongue spasms are a condition they must overcome, the spasms are actually a symptom of another problem or condition. There are over 500 conditions where tongue spasms are a symptom, so patients experiencing these issues must depend heavily on their primary care physicians. Otherwise, they will not receive a proper diagnosis and the symptom may be left untreated. This is not a good option for anyone.

For those who have ever experienced tongue spasms, they truly understand the pain that is involved. While this is a rare condition, it is still important for people to understand what causes it and what happens when tongue spasms become a problem. The spasms themselves are uncontrolled movements in the tongue, and bring pain and fatigue to the patient experiencing the symptoms. These symptoms are brought on by a disorder referred to as dystonia.

A stroke can also cause tongue spasms. There are a number of health issues associated with patients who have suffered from a stroke, some of which are not easily remedied. Because the ultimate goal is to bring the patient to a state where they are able to live comfortably and maintain some sort of quality of life, symptoms and issues are addressed as quickly as possible. However, some patients are unable to communicate easily and explain their tongue spasm issues. Family members who are caregivers should pay close attention to any behaviors that may lead to the uncovering of such symptoms.

Patients should be aware that, in some cases, tongue spasms cannot be resolved. While doctors are working with patients in an effort to relieve these symptoms, it may not be possible depending on the condition leading to the tongue spasms. However, doctors report the symptoms sometimes lessen over time and patients can go long periods of time between experiencing symptoms. This is a relief for those who suffered from them frequently in the past, and were hoping for complete elimination of the issue.

Patients experiencing tongue spasms so frequently that their quality of life is compromised, they should consult with their primary care physician sooner than later. Otherwise, the underlying cause for the tongue spasms could be left untreated for too long and lead to other issues down the road. Rather than experiencing more health issues than necessary, or have more health problems to resolve, patients should make an appointment immediately. Patients who are too embarrassed to discuss this symptom with their doctor should consider bringing a family member, a close friend, or an advocate along to the appointment to help with the conversation.

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