Toe Spasms

More often than not, many people are relaxing with their feet kicked up and not really thinking about what is going on with their body. Relaxation comes to a halt when, out of nowhere, one of your toes decides to jerk out of position and cause writhing pain. Even though this pain does not last long, the war between you and the toe until relief is found seem eternal. This issue is not segregated just to adults, as it happens in people of all ages and all walks of life. These toe spasms, also known as cramps, are difficult to deal with if they happen regularly. This is particularly true if the cause is unknown.

Toe spasms occur for a variety of reasons. Those that top this list, though, are shoe related. If someone is wearing shoes that are too small or otherwise are not fitting them properly, they will experience toe spasms on a regular basis. This is also true if someone is wearing the same pair of shoes for an excessive amount of hours. When they remove their shoes, it is not uncommon for them to experience toe spasms. They might not equate the one with the other, but this truly is the underlying cause.

If people are not getting enough calcium in their diet, as well, toe spasms will occur. Also, if people are taking specific medications, toe spasms could be a side affect. These medications are generally related to asthma, hypertension, and several others. If you are on a prescribed medication, consult with your primary care physician regarding what side effects you could encounter. You should also let them know of your toe spasms issues, as well.

There are some specific treatments for toes spasms. These treatments include avoiding wearing the same pair of shoes for an excessive amount of hours, as well as high heeled shoes for many hours. Consider changing out your shoes part way throughout the day if you are working a lot of hours, or kicking off your shoes when sitting at your desk or work area. Foot massages help stretch out the muscles around the toes, which will help avoid toe spasms. It is not necessary to see a podiatrist or masseuse for such massages, as they can be done by you from the comfort of your own home.

While the issue of toe spasms is painful and annoying, it does not have to be continuous issue in your life. If you are unable to resolve these issues on your own, consult with your doctor about ways to reduce or resolve your toe spasms. Sometimes, it’s as simple as buying a new style of shoes. However, it might be such an anomaly that your doctor will give you several suggestions to experiment with until you find relief.