Rib Spasms

Rib spasms or other people may call them muscle spasms in the rib are important to look at. They could range from a small problem to a much larger problem. There are some things to check for to see what the causes of them are. There are different ways to help relieve the spasms. This is a little look into all this.

The first thing you need to do when having rib spasms is to see why you are having them. Some of the normal causes of rib spasms would include infection, heart attack, inflammation of your muscles, some kind of trauma, or malignancy. You can see some of these are minor and some are more serious. You should go get check by a qualified doctor if you having any problems.

As with anything you can have complications with rib spasms. The severity would depend on what’s wrong. With any chest problems speaking to a doctor is the best thing. Some of the more serious problems that you could encounter would be cardiac arrest or heart attack. You could have high carbon dioxide levels and acidosis. Sometimes it could end up being an injury to an organ inside your chest. These could be life threaten.

One thing to take into consideration is did you break or bruise a rib. Some ways you can tell if you have a bruised or broken rib would be if it hurts to twist and turn. Bending can also be a sign of this. If you have harder time breathing can sometimes be a symptom of this also. If you do know you have a bruised or broken rib you would be able to treat it. If you are having trouble breathing get checked out. Broken rib can cause a puncture in your lung. With this problem to treat it you need rest and immobilization. Within a week you can usually tell a big difference. If you still are in pain contact your doctor.

As you can see there are many different causes of rib spasms and many ways to treat it. If you ever experience any rib spasms the best thing to do is talk to a qualified physician. There are many different organs protected by your ribs that could be causing problems. These organs are vital to being healthy. A physician would want to get an x-ray and maybe an EKG right away. This helps to see if they can find the problem and check your heart.