Hand Spasms

Hand spasms are muscle contractions in the hand’s muscles that cause patients pain, and are sometimes violently uncontrollable. The pain associated with hand spasms is difficult to endure for some patients, and is treated with pain relievers and inflammatory medications. While some of these medications do have adverse side effects, such as drowsiness and the inability to operate motor vehicles, patients find comfort in the ability to have temporary relief from the pain associated with hand spasms.

There are a large number of causes for hand spasms ranging from work related issues (like carrying heavy trays as a wait staff employee, or using hand tools that cause vibrations), accidents, and surgeries. Other conditions causing hand spasms include deficiencies with Vitamin D, carpal tunnel syndrome, and hyperventilation. More often than not, patients have some idea regarding the cause of their hand spasms and are seeking immediate relief.

Doctors and physical therapists are the best options for receiving a proper diagnosis for hand spasms. During this diagnosis, patients will also receive a treatment plan for ways to relieve the pain and spasms. Sometimes, the evaluation process is long and tedious. However, it is a necessary process in order to receive the best possible treatment program. Be aware that some hand spasms, such as in the case of Cerebral Palsy, may not be able to resolved. Relief in the lessening of spasms may be possible, though.

Patients with clenched hands as the result of another medical condition will experience hand spasms. Therapists work one-on-one with these patients in order to massage and stretch the hand muscles in a way that will bring comfort and quality of life to their patients. In severe cases, it is not possible to unclench the hand muscles. In these cases, doctors work with the primary care givers of the patient toward providing a treatment program that will provide them the most comfort.

For those experiencing mild hand spasms, chances are they will not develop into something more serious. However, for those worried these hand spasms are associated with another condition, make an appointment as soon as possible to address the issue and make attempts toward resolving the problem. Keep in mind, though, that these mild symptoms could be the result of something unusual that occurred in your life (an accident) or the frequent use of a hand tool for a long period of time (holding a rake or shovel for a long period of time, and then unclenching the hand will cause spasms). These types of spasms are common and will resolve themselves.