Eye Spasm

An eye spam is an an event that occurs when the nerves connected to the muscles in your eyes randomly begin to fire, causing the muscles to perform without conscious activation. This can occur because of many different reasons: such as under-working the muscles. However, for an eye spasm, this is probably not the case, due to the fact that you are constantly blinking throughout the day, so the muscle is consistently working.

Eye spasms are a common occurrence for any individual and should not be thought of too much, because it is really not dangerous or harmful. Most people in the world have muscle spasms everyday, and eye spasms are just one of the ways that this can be shown in a person’s physical appearance. Any muscle in the body can spasm; the eyes just tend to be a more common occurrence. This fact is because there are a great deal of nerves and muscles in the eyes, so it is much easier for one of them to misfire and cause a spasm.

The only real danger that can occur for an eye spasm is if happens to occur at an inopportune, such as when someone is driving. In cases such as this, a spasm may be dangerous, simply because it may be a distraction to the person who it is occurring to and may cause them to have difficulty performing the task they need to. If this were to ever occur to you, you have no option but to simply try to control your self as best as possible and keep calm in the middle of the entire process. Spasms do not last for more than a few seconds, so it will be over quickly.

However, there are a few times that spasms may actually be a concern to you. If you are constantly having multiple spasms in the same area of your body many times a day, something could be wrong. Also, if the spasms you are having are lasting for extended periods of times (30 seconds to minutes), it would be a good idea tosee your doctor and have yourself checked out.

Spasms in your eyes or any other part of your body are almost never anything to be worried about; they are a natural occurrence that happen to everyone, so do not concern yourself too much with the process. Simply relax and know that it is all a part of your natural function. If you do see any signs of danger, simply check in with your physician.