Arm Spasms

Arm spasms can be very annoying and serious conditions for people. They can happen without warning. Arm spasms are caused when muscles in the arm contract uncontrollably. It can be felt as quick jab of pain or a throbbing annoyance. If a person has an arm spasm while doing a dangerous task, they could be seriously injured or killed. There are so many causes of arm spasms that sometimes they are hard to diagnose. While the pain may be unbearable at times, there are treatments for this condition.

Arm spasms are very tricky to diagnose. There are multiple causes of this disorder. One known cause of arm spasms is the overexertion of the muscles. When a muscle becomes exhausted, it can cause arm spasms. Many athletes and bodybuilders often find themselves in this predicament. Usually, they overwork their muscles beyond the limits of the human body. People who hold heavy objects for long periods of time can also be susceptible to arm spasms. Another known cause of arm spasms is dehydration. In order for muscles to work properly, the must maintain a certain amount of water and other bodily fluids to have precise contractions. Arm spasms are also caused by an improper flow of blood. If blood vessels in the arm are not wide, nutritious blood can not replenish the muscles and will cause spasms. Another possible cause of spasms in the arm is an injury to the spinal cord. The brain sends messages to muscles through the spinal cord. If the messages are not properly transmitted in the spinal cord, the muscles in the arm will not contract correctly. This will cause the arm to have spasms.

The symptoms of arm spasms can vary for person to person. Usually, it depends on what type of activities or conditions triggered the spasms. One symptom of arm spasms is pain. If a person overexerts their arm muscles, they would feel a sharp pain. This pain is caused by the irregular contraction of the arm muscles. Another symptom of arm spasms is twitching. The twitching is caused by the repeated movement of fibers in the overworked muscle.

There many ways to treat arm spasms. The most important treatment of all is prevention. Arm spasms can be avoided by making the right decisions about the body. One way to prevent arm spasms is to stay hydrated at all times. If the arm muscles are dehydrated, they will cause spasms. Athletes must always remember to drink enough water during strenuous workouts. Another way that arm spasms can be prevented is by stretching. If the muscles are properly stretched before starting an activity, they will be prepared to do strenuous tasks.

Arm spasms are very serious conditions. They can be caused by overworking the arm muscles, an injury to the spinal cord, or dehydration. The victims of this disorder might experience pain and twitching. Techniques such as stretching and proper hydration can be used to combat this ailment.